Ladder Falls

Ladders are widely used on construction sites. Anyone working while on a ladder must ensure that the ladder is in good working order and is properly secured. If not, one could fall and sustain severe injuries including head injuries, back or neck injuries, broken bones or other life altering injuries.

Ladder fall injuries can result in extensive medical treatment, especially if the ladder fall occurred from a great height. It can be challenging for the victim and the victim’s family to pay for medical bills and other expenses. Our attorneys at the Dervishi Law Group, P.C. have experience in working with construction accident victims, including those who have fallen from ladders. Our ladder fall injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience and will do everything necessary to claim compensation.

Common Causes of Ladder Falls

Ladder falls can happen due to the following reasons:

  • When unsecured ladder is placed on an unstable, uneven or slippery surface
  • When ladder is used for something other than the purpose it was designed for
  • When A-frame ladder is used in closed position
  • When ladder is loaded beyond its capacity
  • When ladder has oil or grease on it
  • When ladder is placed in a passageway where it is likely to be moved or shifted by other workers
  • When a ladder is built on the job site with rungs that are crooked or unevenly-spaced
  • When ladder is placed where conductive rails may be exposed to electricity

Rights to Compensation after a Ladder Fall Accident

Our ladder fall injury lawyers are able to handle workers’ compensation claims in an effective manner.

Our lawyers will investigate to see if the manufacturer of the equipment or any other third party may be held liable and if proper on the job safety regulations were followed.

Contact an Experienced Ladder Fall Injury Lawyer for Ladder Fall Injuries

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