Electrocution is a common work hazard within the construction and electrical industries. It is the fourth most fatal type of construction accident. Electrocution injuries are not only painful, but can also be life-threatening. The second and third categories of affected workers are construction workers and supervisors. If you or someone you know has been injured by any electrical hazard, you should contact an Electrocution Attorney from the Dervishi Law Group, P.C.

Dervishi Law Group, P.C. Can Help You File An Electrocution Injury Claim

The Dervishi Law Group, P.C. will investigate your accident, identify those responsible and handle all aspects of your lawsuit and workers’ compensation claim.

Our electrocution injury attorneys can help you file your claim and ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve. We will take every step within the law to hold the negligent property owners, general contractors, electricians or other parties involved responsible for your injuries. We can also pursue compensation through personal injury claims in New York.

Common Injuries Due to Electrocution

There are different types of injuries that a person can obtain due to electrocution:

  • Severe Burns-The areas of the body that come in contact with the live electrical source can suffer severe burns leading to scarring.
  • Neurological Damage-Electrocution can cause neurological damage, affecting the heart, lung, and brain function.
  • Ventricular Fibrillation– Electrocution can also cause ventricular fibrillation due to high voltage. This can cause the heart to stop, which can lead to death.

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