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Slip and Fall Accident Cases against Government Entities

how long does a slip and fall case take to settle

Can a government entity be held accountable if you slip and fall on government property? The answer is generally yes, if the government was negligent in its maintenance and upkeep of the property. However, there are two important limitations on the rights of an injured person to sue a federal, state, or local governmental entity.

First, the federal government and mostly all states have strict notices and set deadlines for making a claim against a government entity. Second, there is a limitation placed by the federal government and most states on how much can be recovered from the state or a municipality if the case is won.

When is a Government entity liable for a slip and fall accident?

A government entity is liable for a slip and fall accident on its property if:

  • The government entity or a government employee was somehow negligent.
  • Negligence caused the accident.

To prove that the governmental entity was negligent, one must prove that the government was aware or should have been reasonably aware of the unsafe condition.

What are the important time and notice deadlines?

There are strict rules set by the federal government and almost all states to file a claim or lawsuit against a government entity. The first rule is a notice requirement.

Before suing the federal government, the state, or a municipality, one must generally file a formal notice of injury with the proper government entity. There may be different notice requirements in the federal government and each state but the notice must typically include the following information:

  • Full name and address.
  • Date of the injury.
  • A brief summary of how the injury occurred.
  • A statement making claim that the governmental authority was negligent.
  • Allegation as to how the government’s negligence caused the injury
  • A description of the injuries, and
  • A description of the medical bills and other financial losses to date.

It is important to note the deadline for sending the notice. The deadline varies by state.

Send notice to the proper government entity

The claim may be barred if the notice is sent to the wrong government office.

Liability for a slip and fall on government property

Take pictures of the accident scene, clothes, and any bruises. Pictures can play a very important role in a slip and fall case because broken sidewalks or stairs can be fixed, conditions of ice and snow can change within minutes, ice can melt, or it can be cleared away. It will be impossible to win an ice and snow case without pictures showing the situation at the time of the injury.

Report the incident immediately to someone in charge at the government property and get a receipt that the report is documented. Try to get the names of witnesses

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