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Dervishi Law Group, P.C., is a full-service immigration law firm in NYC. Our attorneys serve immigrants who seek the privileges and benefits of U.S. visitation and lawful permanent residence. Individuals, families, and corporations turn to us when no one else will take the case.

We are affiliated with experienced attorneys in all immigration matters:

Adjustment of Status

Green Cards


Asylum Waivers

Criminal Consequences

Deportation Defense

Consular Processing

Federal Challenges

Supreme Court Challenges

Learn more about our law firm and how we approach U.S. immigration law. Our New York office is here to help clients find creative solutions to complex immigration problems such as diversity at work and consequences of criminal conduct. For immediate help with all of your Immigration needs, please call 917-477-7770.


For immediate help with all of your Immigration needs, please call 917-477-7770.The Dervishi Law Group was able to negotiate a 4 million dollar settlement for a union construction worker

The legal team of Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C. and Fatos Dervishi have won a $4 million settlement from an insurance company for a union construction worker. The worker had suffered serious injuries to his foot, ankle, and knee. It was determined that the construction worker needed surgery and would not be able to return to construction work. The legal team pushed the insurance company right up to the trial deadline, at which point the insurance company relented and agreed to the settlement. Luckily the construction worker hired the right legal team to represent him. This gave him peace of mind to be able to provide for his wife and 14 month old son for the rest of their lives.If you have been injured in an accident make sure you have a winning lawyer on your side.

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